Some Background On The Murderous GM Part 1

Hi, My name is Randy. I murder PCs in my games. I know that isn’t the way everyone runs their games, and that is fine. But it is how I run mine.

In an interview Jim Ward, creator of the first Sci-Fi RPG ever said this,
“It irritates me when I read in some rules systems that you (the referee) should not kill players early in their gaming experience. I am of the exact opposite opinion. I think all GM’s should indeed kill off characters in the early games. Players are far too willing to charge into the impossible battles because they have come to believe that their game masters wouldn’t dare kill their characters. PC death is something that puts a real edge in a game. Players should be cautious and should run from a dangerous situation. The only way they learn that is if they lose a character that has a powerful holy sword and a magical amulet or two.”

It turns out I completely agree with him. How did I get this way you may ask? Well let me tell you about the start of my gaming experience.

When I was a child my Uncle Bob introduced me to video games. I distinctly remember 2 video games in particular. One of them was a dungeon crawler that was mostly text but would also show a small pixelated image of what the text was describing. You could exit the room north by typing N or south by typing S, and so on. Unfortunately the title of that game has been lost to my memory.

The second game that I remember loving was Sid Meier’s Pirates. Oh man I played that game for so many hours. This had to have been around maybe 1990. I also remember it being a pirated copy of the game because my uncle had photocopied pages of the book and you occasionally had to enter a code from the book to prove it was a legit copy.


After seeing this my uncle told me I might like to see some of his game books. They were Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition. I looked through them and immediately fell in love. I wanted to play this game and asked my uncle to teach me. He said I would have to get permission from my dad first. I asked and was told no, that Dungeons and Dragons is satanic and I must stay away from it, and that was the end of the discussion.

ad and d

Fast forward a few years and one of my friends bought a Battletech game and we played a few sessions of that where we played as mechs fighting each other. That game quickly petered out due to the one person who had the books not really understanding how the game worked. That was the end of my RPG experience’s until about 2013. I’ll post more about that in my next post.

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