Thoughts On Starting A Local Gaming Community

I was introduced to Dungeon Crawl Classics on Free RPG Day 2016. I had heard of it before, but never really given it a look.

After some old school gaming from the awesome GM EdOWar I realized how much I truly enjoyed old school play. Fast forward to Free RPG day this year and I end up getting a free copy of the softcover Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG book. Screenshot 2016-09-05 11.58.27

I consumed this book very quickly and fell in love with the system. The problem was, there was no one in the area playing the game. I talked my regular gaming group into playing a couple of games with me, the first one being over the July 4th long holiday weekend in 2016. I was hooked! But I didn’t have the community to be able to support the game yet. I had to build one!

I started looking more into Goodman Games (the publisher of Dungeon Crawl Classics) and discovered they had a quest to “Organize, advertise, and judge a game of Dungeon Crawl Classics this year at a public venue.” It’s called the Goodman Games World Tour where you as a member of their Road Crew run an in-store game. I’ve run in store games for Pathfinder Society before so I figured I could handle this.

Also not only do you get the joy of running a game in a store but they also (supposedly) send you free stuff for running the game. I say supposedly because at this point I’ve run 2 games and haven’t actually seen anything from them yet. But I’ve been assured it is coming.

So for the first game all I really did was create an event for it in the Comic Kingdom Facebook group (as that is where we would be hosting the game). I did get permission from the owner of the store to host the game there first. I also posted the event on the Reno Area Tabletop meetup group. Not surprisingly I only got 3 players (2 from my gaming group) that first game (played July 30th, 2016). Though I do have pictures from that first game.

Screenshot 2016-09-05 13.13.35

The second time I did the game I advertised a lot more widely. I put posts up in 2 different local D&D groups, I got permission to make a post in a Pathfinder Society group, another post went in a local geek group, there was a post on Reno’s Reddit page, as well as a post on Craigslist that Adam from my gaming group put up for me. I also posted the event on the Reno Area Tabletop meetup group. We ended up with a lot more people the second time around. 16 in total. Here is an image gallery from that session.

Screenshot 2016-09-05 13.26.19

That little bit of advertising I did was really successful. It was so successful I’m turning my once a month in store game into a twice a month game. I’ve given a name to our little roleplaying group. I’ve decided to call it the Reno Dungeon Crawler’s Guild. As of the next game I will run on September 24th I will be using a signup sheet for a mailing list. The list will allow me to notify everyone in one place of upcoming games. There are some people who don’t use Facebook much, or at all, and this list will be handy for getting in touch with them.

I’ve also decided to set up individual events in each of the groups that I have access to do that. That would be 2 D&D groups, 1 geek group, and the comic store group. Closer to the game happening I’ll be posting links to the Facebook and Meetup groups on Reddit, and Craigslist. I’ll update in the future with how this goes.

One final thing of note. I mentioned above that we have a local Pathfinder Society meeting. They meet 3 times a month. I originally started scheduling my DCC games to fill that 4th Saturday every month. From the games I have been to lately they are struggling to have 2 tables, and quite regularly only have 1. One of the organizers for this group is a regular in my Pathfinder home game. I’ve urged him to advertise the Pathfinder games like I am doing mine. I think growing the RPG community here in Reno is good for everyone.

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