Pathfinder 09/09/2016 Session Report

There’s a lot of background on this that it would take too long to get into. So I’ll just start where the story picked up.

The characters decided to split the party. Then Joe’s alchemist decided to activate the device he had found that made him hasted. He took 4 points of int damage and 4 points of con damage which killed him. They had found a flying saucer in a hidden part of the military base they were at. They left 3 of the characters in there checking that out while 3 others went and checked out the final obvious building. After a battle with some undead creatures David’s bard ended up very dead, and James oracle was passed out. 1 more hit point down and that character would have been dead.

Adam’s character then turned James character to a vampire. (unbeknownst to the rest of the party, since they don’t know that Adam’s character is a vampire.) Adam’s character then dragged James out to find the rest of the party. They decided to rest. The next day they went back into the building, successfully fought some undead things and then found part of a necromancer’s spell book.

From there they headed back north to Hawthorne to find the other military base with people living in it. They put Joe’s alchemist into a resurrection chamber they found there. He rolled high enough on his percentile roll not to get disintegrated. After that, they continued on to Reno.

Once they arrived they were greeted with the news that a terrorist attack had blown up the envoy that had been sent from the vampire settlement in Twin Falls. The leadership of the settlement was being blamed for the attack. It was at this point they realized their leader had been killed! Who could they possibly blame?

So an interim election was called. What followed was one of the funniest session I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. Everyone got bonus XP for what they did. There were debates between Tyson’s character and James character as to who would make a better ruler for the kingdom. Tyson was yelling at James accusing him of using magic to sway the crowd (he was). Then after losing the first 2 of 3 debates Tyson decided to have Ed use some spells from the Necromancer’s book that was found to raise the dead to vote for him after that final debate. While Tyson did put forth a valiant effort (he did get a bonus for raising the dead to vote for him) James ultimately won the day.

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