DCC Tuesday Session Report 09/13/2016



Tonight my players managed to get themselves off the Purple Planet by rescuing the navigator Tio Lizix (who is now played by George, and is playing him quite well as his internal monologue being external). The players made their way to a planet where George was supposed to have met a friend all those decades ago. His friend’s town was gone and in its place was a giant dome!

The party noticed a town to the north of the dome and decided to land there. There were all kinds of merchants so they were able to trade away some of their goods and buy some new weapons and armor. The traders on this planet had something called firearms. The players were quick to snatch those up along with all the ammo they could find.

They ran into the leader of the town who goes by the name of Joe Fang. Adam’s character did not make a good impression on Joe, but George was able to salvage some sort of relationship with the man despite his problems with keeping his monologue internal. Joe offered them some work later on, but first they had to prove themselves by bringing him “something interesting” from inside the dome. He refused to tell the players how to get into the dome saying “everyone before you have figured it out, you can too.”

The players decided to take the direct approach and lucked out on an open entrance. They ran into a couple of robots at the entrance who wanted to see a ticket. The players didn’t have one so they just proceeded on into Dinotastic Park. On the way in one of the robots started asking the player’s survey questions. On a scale of 1 to 10, their enjoyment of the park so far was 10!

They found some souvenirs in the gift shop and proceeded out into the park. The first area explored was empty save for the visitors center that they entered through.

The next hex contained a nice alien looking creature who seemed to have control over both a bunch of Cro-Magnon humans as well as some raptors. The party broke bread with him and did a little trading. The alien got a souvenir cup and gave the party a tape of Iron Maiden in return.

Proceeding to the next hex the group found a funeral pyre for something with large bones, but vaguely humanoid in shape. They lost a little luck there but found a gem worth 4gp.

In the last hex explored tonight the group came across a security compound, with a vet’s office next to it. They searched it thoroughly but came up empty handed. That’s where we left off for the night.

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