Local Gaming Community: Growing It

In an effort to try and get things more organized in one place I have created a Facebook group for the Reno Dungeon Crawlers Guild. This does several things for me.
1) It gives people a single spot to come check where and when the next game is.
2) It allows me to get away from posting events on the store Facebook pages. Right now if I hold an event at one store it would be rude to advertise it on the other store’s page.
3) It allows me to share things with the specific group of people I know are interested in this local game.

I chose the name Reno Dungeon Crawler’s Guild because it sounds like Dungeon Crawl Classics, the game we are primarily running. However, if I or someone else wants to run something else, we can do that.

I chose to advertise this new group in the other groups I have created events in. For more on that see my last post about starting your local gaming community.

So far I have had 2 people join the group. However it is after 11pm on a Saturday night currently in Reno, so I doubt many have seen it yet. I look forward to getting more people.

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