DCC RPG Community (In Which Lasercats Are Created As A Weapon)

One of the things I absolutely love about DCC is the community surrounding it. To that end I found a post on the DCC RPG League Google Plus group with Lasercats as a new weapon. Here’s what it looked like.

“Lasercat: 1d12 Damage. Mastercraft weapon, +2 to hit. If PC tries to touch without offering a treat, Reflex Save DC 15 or get shot. Personality check DC 15, along with offer of treat, to gain the loyalty of the Lasercat. On an attack roll of a 1 the Lasercat explodes, causing 1d12 damage to everything in a 10′ radius.
Rolls of 1 or 2 on damage require another loyalty check
tell players to remeber to tell you if they roll equal to their luck with a to hit roll… elude to something good happening, they probably won’t remeber anyway, but have something bad happen. 1. lazer furbal 2. Lazer cat piss 3. Lazer diabetic cat 4. Lazer cat is pregnent
1 – Laser Furball: Built up laser hair causes damage in radius to enemy, and potentially anything else adjacent, including allies.
2 – Laser Cat Pee: Burns the user. Fortitude Save DC 15 or take 1d5 damage.
3 – Laser Cat Diabetes: Must give Laser Cat 1 dose of insulin for each use of Laser Cat as weapon. Laser Cats hate needles though, so each injection requires a new Loyalty test.
4 – Laser Cat is pregnant: 1d13 new laser cats appear next month.”


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