Building A Local Gaming Community: Drama And Stress!

Shortly after running my second Goodman Games World Tour for 2016 I had some players wanting me to run a second game every month. I was happy to oblige. The more games they run the more swag they (and I) get. So it’s good for everyone, and hopefully good for growing the community. In the spirit of spreading the love around to different shops in town I scoped out a location called TWS Hobbies West.


I liked the store. It was clean, well lit. Had ample space. They even had a copy of DCC RPG on the shelf! I had not seen that before except at Comic Kingdom, and even then I asked to have it placed on the shelf, and the store owner Cody (who is a friend) obliged. We managed to sell that copy too at our second DCC event. Anyway, I talked with the owner and he seemed excited to have our little gaming group (The Reno Dungeon Crawler’s Guild) there.

I planned our first game for October 15th. This would be the first month where there would be 2 games, and the would be at different locations. I had some anxiety over having the games at 2 different locations, but I thought it for the best. We have a local Pathfinder Society group that has been around since PFS started and they run games at Comic Kingdom on the same days I want to run games. I did not want to step on any toes or create any friction there. Quite honestly at my last game I got about double (maybe more) of the people that show up at the PFS games. I don’t want to steal people from them or make them feel bad.

So different store it was! Until this week when I found out that TWS had suddenly closed its doors! For seemingly no reason, it was just closed. I later found out their corporate sponsor TWS Gaming pulled funding. No details on why that happened though. Now we had no place to play, and I wasn’t really sure what to do.

I asked a close group of friends what they thought about it. There were some ideas about maybe doing it at a pizza place’s meeting room. I didn’t like that because some people might feel obligated to buy food and I don’t want them buying food just to play. The idea of renting a pavilion at the park was thrown around, but dismissed pretty quickly due to weather. Wind here in Reno Nevada tends to kick up pretty good. In addition to that I’ve seen it snow here in October. So a park was ruled out.

My only other option was a local game store that focuses on wargaming primarily. PFS has games at the shop once a month. I was kind of hesitant to use that shop because in the store RPG players take a backseat to wargamers. I get it, and don’t resent it at all. I just didn’t want my players getting pushed off a table because wargamers showed up after my group did. For lack of any other choice I contacted the owner of the store. I found him surprisingly accommodating and helpful. He checked the schedule to make sure they didn’t have any events that would cause us to be too crowded. They gave me permission to create an event for the group. I was overall very happy with the experience.

Time will tell if this was the right call or not. For the moment though Heroes Games and Hobbies in Sparks Nevada (right next door to Reno) is my hero!


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  1. Sonny Thomas says:

    Hey I have DCC and would love to play in a game let me know . spearandfang@gmail.

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