DCC Tuesday Session Report 09/20/2016 (#RIPHarambe)

My players continued their exploration of Dinotastic Park!

They continued on their quest for “something cool” for Joe Fang, the head thug. They came across some very nice and well kept looking villas. This area was also patrolled by some Sentrybots that didn’t want to let the adventurers in. Through some lucky rolls, one of the adventurers managed to convince the robots that he was a guest and needed help. The 3 other Sentrybots were advised to continue to keep watch while Sentrybot 1 took the guest back to the park entrance for proper credentials so entry into the villas would not be a problem.

Once back at the main park entrance Sentrybot 1 had problems finding anyone in management to come help the guest. Last the players knew of him he was still looking for someone to instruct him on how to help the “guest”. While back at the park entrance after some diligent searching the players came across a couple of janitor’s badges. They trekked back to the villas and used their new credentials to get into the villas and rest in luxury for the night.

The next day the players travelled across to hex 147 where they found a bunch of 4 legged dinosaurs in a gigantic pin with guard towers at all 4 corners. The group hailed the guard towers and found out this hex was providing fresh dinosaur meat for The Free Trader’s Rest. The group made some polite conversation and moved on.

Next, they travelled to hex 143 where they came across a huge camp with machine gun nests and a high fence. There was lots of activity inside the camp. They approached and were brushed off by the guards. This is a Redclaw base camp. No outsiders allowed.

The players moved on to Hex 135 where shortly after crossing into the hex a group of 7 raptors were fighting with 2 adult t-rex and one juvenile t-rex. The t-rex managed to take out 3 of the raptors, but in the end lost due to numbers and blood loss. The raptors were munching on their meal when the players decided to sneak up on them. One of the raptors turned to a player and made threatening chirping noises at the player but then went back to his meal. The player attacked!

Our resident wizard cast choking cloud and made a pretty good roll. He put 3 of the 4 raptors inside a cloud reducing their vision some. Between the Yeti (an NPC picked up in an earlier adventure) the wizard’s familiar, the cleric, and the wizard himself they were able to take out the remaining raptors. They decided that the skull of one of the T-Rex’s would be a really good “cool thing” to take back to Joe Fang. The wizard’s familiar fashioned himself a helm from dino bones. They left the bones there and continued on into hex 135.

They quickly discovered that this hex is a bog that hurts some of them. After taking a point of stamina damage they decided about half of the hex being explored was good enough. They went back to the site of the battle and got their t-rex head. It took a lot of time to drag the thing back to town but they managed to make it back. Joe Fang was impressed at the PCs story about how they had taken down a T-Rex by themselves! He immediately asked them to join the Redclaw gang and passed out armbands. The PCs accepted and partied their way into the night.

The next morning they were handed the keys to a truck all their own. They were told to go forth and explore! Bring back cool shit! This time, they entered the park through the Redclaw base. They were welcomed with open arms now wearing the Redclaw symbol on their arms. They made themselves acquainted with the camp and then struck out into hex 139 in their brand new (to them) Dinotastic park truck!

In Hex 139 they heard some chirping noises but thought little of it. They eventually came across a lone building above the water of an extremely large lake that they had seen upon landing on this planet. They left the yeti (I guess we’ve named him Harambe now based on the notes I see on the map) As they were walking to the building they heard more chirping, and thought nothing of it. They broke into the hut and went down some stairs to discover a below ground dock. Next to the dock were three boats with hatches leading into them. The players eventually figured out these were submarines!

The first submarine they tried didn’t work. The middle one did. In figuring out how to drive and steer the thing they damn near destroyed the dock. But eventually, they figured out how to maneuver, turn the lights on, dive, raise, etc. They took a short jaunt outside the dock area and then came back. They collected all 3 keys and headed back upstairs. They discovered that Harambe the Yeti had been killed by a pack of raptors while they were downstairs. They saw evidence of the fight on the roof of the small building along with a raptor corpse. Harambe put up a good fight but ultimately was outnumbered.

That’s where we left the adventure this week. We’ll pick it up again next week!


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