Prepping For Goodman Games World Tour 09/24/2016

I know my buddy Ed from the EdOWar blog was planning on running a level 1 adventure. I decided to do the same. I picked a shorter adventure out of Dungeon Crawl Classics #89 Chaos Rising. I chose to run Elzemon And The Blood-Drinking Box, a level 1 adventure. I wanted to make sure I was well prepared for it.

I went to the Purple Sorcerer upper-level character generator. I had it make 50 random PCs. (I plan on this group of PCs lasting me for several sessions. I took the first cleric, elf, and wizard on the list and actually put their randomly picked spells into a grimoire with Purple Sorcerer’s Sorcerer’s Grimoire DCC Spellbook Utility.

So here is how I’m going to handle spell casters for my World Tour games. The table may need a cleric, an elf, or a wizard, so I’ve got one set of spells for each printed up from the above mentioned DCC Spellbook Utility. Beyond that, if someone wants to play the second wizard, cleric or elf they will be required to have the book so they can look up their own spells.

In addition to that, I found these neat character class cards that I will be giving out to the players to help them figure out their characters. Also, there is a really nifty What To Roll one sheet that I will have at the table. I actually want to make LOTS more copies of this so that I can have a stack to hand out and people can take home.

As for character sheets, except for the 3 spell casters I put together, I don’t expect to get the sheets back. I was hoping to have enough time to get all the sheets put into stacks by class, but it doesn’t look like that will happen before game day. I’ve got my normal Pathfinder game to run Friday night before the World Tour game and then World Tour the next morning. That’s ok, they can dig through the treasure pile a bit to find what they need.


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