Session Report 10/04/2016: My First TPK

I’ve been running games for about 3.5 years now. Somewhere around there. In that entire time, I’ve never had a TPK. I came close once, but one of the characters was able to run away. Tonight was the first time I’ve ever killed the entire party.

I’ve reminded the party several times that they are allowed to hire hirelings to help them out. Tonight we had a smaller party than normal as one of the players was not able to attend the game. We’re still exploring +Reid San Filippo‘s Dinotastic Park.


The PCs started where the ended in hex 139. They went into hex 144 and came across a lookout tower for the Redclaw group. They greeted their fellow Redclaw’s and had a nice chat. They decided to bed down at the bottom of the lookout tower for the night. Safety in numbers doesn’t you know.

The next day they crossed over to hex 263 and found it devoid of any life except for a lone robot patrolling one of the posh little villages around the park. The village buildings had long ago been ransacked. The sentry bot seemed to ignore them as it did its patrols. They finished exploring that hex and still had to time to explore hex 133.

Technically Hammond’s bunker is in hex 133 but I moved it over into hex 257 since I had them roll a random encounter first and they managed to meet a group of Bumpkinoids having a good old time bar-b-queuing and drinking. Adam decided to do a power slide with the truck they were driving and slid straight into one of the Bumpkinoids. He killed it instantly. He also made an effortless dive out of the cab of the truck as it came to a stop and came out with his weapon at the ready. Ed tried to hit one of them. Nick suddenly yelled out “wait a minute, we don’t have to kill each other! We should party together!”

After a successful personality roll he convinced the Bumpkinoids that, yes, they should party with the err… party. The Bumpkinoids decided the guy who got ran over was an asshole anyway. While partying and having some grilled triceratops the players actually managed to convince 2 of the Bumpkinoids to come along. The Bumpkinoids names were Skeeter and Cheech.

After a night of partying the party headed for hex number 257. They ran into the “ghost” of Hammond, the creator of the park. He demanded help in getting back to his home dimension. The PCs didn’t sound very confident in helping so he ordered his sentry bots to get them. The battle was long and drawn out, but in the end, the PCs lost. Though Ed the brave Cleric and Nick the not-as-brave-as-the-Cleric Wizard did try at one point to go back in and recover Adam’s body since it had been dragged away. Despite their foolish bravery, no one made it out of the bunker alive.

The catchphrase for this game? Don’t trust anyone named Hammond.

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