Session Report 10/11/2016: An Almost TPK

After my first TPK the players rolled up new characters. I have stressed to them many times that they can get hirelings and they have chosen so far not to. We had an elf, a halfling and a Petrol Head (from CUaBM issue 6).

The characters started out as being hang arounds for the Red Claw group. They were then tasked with going out and finding a lost vehicle out in the park. (The truck the Red Claw’s had given their last set of characters.) It took a little bit of time but they managed to come across the truck. They drove it back to The Free Trader’s Rest and were rewarded handsomely.

They were sent on a mission to deliver a package to the Hatzegopteryx Queen. The package was successfully delivered and a return package with some kind of computer chip was sent back. The PCs managed this task just fine and were rewarded well for it.

After that they were sent out to find out what was going on with a radio signal. They weren’t given a specific hex location, but just a general one. Along the way they picked up a hologram of a woman park ranger. They found a transparent wall. The park ranger knew of a gate to get inside the wall. Shortly after entering the gate for the transparent wall they were attacked by 7 Carnotaurs. 2 PCs were almost immediately eaten. The halfling made his escape back to the truck, but has little hope of being able to drive it back.

The session ended there as 2/3 of the party was now dead. Next week they will be coming back with 4 level 0 characters and 1 level 1 character. Maybe they can get some hirelings hired as well.


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