Goodman Games World Tour Session Report For 10/15/2016

For today’s session, we had a total of 9 players show up to Heroes Games and Hobbies to play. That was in addition to the two GM’s that were there. I ran an adventure from the Chained Coffin Box Set called Sour Spring Hollow.


It is a 0 level funnel that I wanted to run because I knew there were going to be some new players there. My Co-GM Ed from the Ed O War blog ran a first level adventure from Chaos Rising called The Imperishable Sorceress.


As far as the players themselves we had 5 people who had never played before show up. 2 of our regular players actually picked up some foster kids this weekend so they were unable to make this particular game. 2 of the players who are a couple actually picked up the DCC RPG book before they game to the game which I thought was pretty awesome.

Goodman Games had a package waiting for me in the mail this morning so at the game I was able to give away some folders that they had sent for the games that have been run so far. That was pretty exciting. The other thing that was waiting for me at the post office were some business cards I had printed up for the Reno Dungeon Crawler’s Guild which you can see below.

One quick side story from the game itself. There was a chicken that no matter how hard I tried as Judge, I could not kill this damn chicken. It actually ended up being the only creature to make it out of this session alive, and thus I was denied my second ever TPK.

I did a pre-session report which might be more interesting to those who are planning on organizing their own games which you can read here. Additionally, the business cards were a HUGE hit. I was able to get 5 more people to join the Reno Dungeon Crawler’s Facebook Group, which makes my life a lot easier. I’ll be putting up a post later next week about that, so keep an eye out.


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