Lead up to the session report for 10/15/2016

There is a local Pathfinder Society group here in town. They play in the store we normally play in (or at least they did when I originally scheduled this game, the guy who was running those has since quit). So in order to not step on any toes, I scheduled today’s game at a place called TWS West Hobbies. Then about 2 weeks ago TWS hobbies went out of business suddenly and left me scrambling for a place to host the game.

I reached out (reluctantly) to Heroes Games and Hobbies in Sparks, which is next door to Reno. I was reluctant because in the past RPG games have taken a backseat to their primary source of revenue, wargames. I have no issue with that being their primary revenue source. Where I took issue was being asked to change tables in the middle of a game, which has happened to me in the past.

I wrote in this blog post about how accommodating Heroes was being towards us. They even pinned our event to the top of their facebook group. This is why I was so confused when I walked into the store and spoke to the guy behind the counter (who is a co-owner of the store with his brother). I told him “We’re here to run some DCC RPG, the way thinks looks we’re going to need 2 tables because of how many people are showing up.

His response to me “Well this is a surprise!” To which I rudely replied, “It shouldn’t be, I spoke to someone through the store’s Facebook page, and even scheduled the event 2 weeks ahead of time.” Then he mumbled something to that sounded like “Oh. My brother.” I know his brother is the other co-owner of the store. Apparently, there isn’t much communication there.

The guy who was there seemed reluctant to help clear space off for us, but he did it. He wouldn’t clear off the other wargaming table until he was absolutely sure we were going to need it. Not too long after his brother came into the store and was much more helpful with getting stuff done for us. He actually looked happy to see us. He offered to get us some spare chairs from the back. He checked back with us during the game to make sure we had everything we needed. As we were leaving for the day he thanked us for coming.

Our experience got tremendously better when the other brother showed up to help. It is what has me considering going back at some point in the future, though that will only be as a last resort. The fact that the two brothers do not communicate with each other made for an overall negative experience.

As for the Session Report itself, you can click right here to get that.


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