A New Class For DCC: The Invincible Chicken

The backstory for why this class exists is located here. Contributions to this class were made by Edward Green, Joe Vincent and Julian Bernick.

An Invincible Chicken is a class that I don’t expect anyone buy my friend Joe to use, but technically I am making a new class so I’m giving it a write up too.


To play as an Invincible Chicken the chicken must have started a level 0 funnel as the property of a farmer through the normal character creation process as per the occupations table in the Chained Coffin Box Set Sour Hollow Adventure.

Hit Points: An Invincible Chicken gains 1d6 hit points at each level. They are small but lucky.

Communication: An Invincible Chicken can speak Eagle as per appendix L of the DCC Core Rulebook. At the Judge’s discretion, a chicken may pick a particularly dumb (Int at 4 or below) farmer, who seems to be able to understand what the Invincible Chicken’s clucks mean. This farmer can not understand Eagle or any other birds for that matter. While being carried by the farmer the Invincible Chicken is considered mounted.

Speed: The Invincible Chicken can move 20 feet per round.

Weapon Training: An Invincible Chicken can peck. When it pecks it does a d4 of damage. This damage increased up to the dice chain as the level of the chicken goes up. At level 2 it becomes a d5, at level 3 a d6, and so on up the chain. Beginning at level 3 the Invincible Chicken’s peck is considered a magical attack.

Armor: An Invincible Chicken does not wear armor, but instead increases it’s toughness at each level. At level 1 an Invincible Chicken starts with 10 AC. This increases by 1.5 each level rounded up as the chicken learns to dodge and move better in a fight.

Alignment: Invincible Chickens are lawful and always loyal to their fellow party members.

Small Size: Chickens are a little larger than your normal size chicken, however, that still means they are small sized. This small size allows them to crawl into narrow passages, and through tiny holes.

Sander’s Blessing: In honor of the original Invincible Chicken, Whenever an Invincible Chicken is in an inhospitable environment it receives a +2 bonus to fort saves.

Stealth: Invincible Chickens are quite good at sneaking around. They receive a bonus to sneaking silently and hiding in shadows depending on their class level as shown on table 1-18 of the DCC Core Rulebook. This can be used in the same manner as the thief’s abilities.

Fowl Luck: An Invincible Chicken has the ability to make a Judge re-roll a d20 roll. An Invincible Chicken can use this ability a number of times per gaming session equal to its luck modifier (minimum 1). The GM must re-roll the d20 and must accept the new result be it better or worse than the original. It is at the Judge’s discretion what “gaming session” means.

Eat Anything: An Invincible Chicken is able to eat anything organic that it can reasonably pick up and swallow. (At Judge’s discretion.)

Limited Flight: An Invincible Chicken has limited flight capabilities. As a full round action, an Invincible Chicken can run, take off from the ground while flapping its stubby little chicken wings, and land. The Invincible Chicken can move up to 60 feet in this manner, 40 of which can be in the air. The Invincible Chicken cannot go more than 5 feet off the ground. In a situation where the Invincible Chicken is falling, they take damage as normal (1d6 for every 10 feet) minus 1d6. For example, if an Invincible were to fall 60 feet it would only take 50 feet worth of damage.

… With His Head Cut Off: If and only if the chicken’s head gets cut off, the chicken can take 1d4 actions after the head is gone.

Below is table 1-18 from the DCC Core Rulebook. An Invincible Chicken uses this Halfling table to advance each level.


Some suggestions to the player roleplaying the Invincible Chicken:
Treat it like a chicken that wants to follow along.
Insist that anything shiny (whether its dangerous or not, you’re a chicken, you don’t know) is yours.
Loyalty to the party is important but making sure you get the shiny baubles is even more important.
If you’re mounted on a farmer, have the farmer occasionally misunderstand your request.

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