The Story Of The Original Invincible Chicken


I ran a Goodman Games World Tour event on 10/15/2016. My friend Joe and his wife Erin showed up for their very first DCC game. I was very excited about them being there. One of Joe’s characters had a chicken with him. In the adventure we were playing there was a log cabin that really was a monster that would eat people. The chicken’s owner along with some other PCs went into this log cabin. Two of the PCs were immediately destroyed by the stomach acid of this creature.

However, a chicken and 1 PC survived the first round of stomach acid. The chicken survived the second round of stomach acid and was able to escape. Joe tells me he wants to level the chicken to level 1. I told him if the chicken survived the adventure we would figure it out. I was convinced I would kill the chicken before it was said and done with.

Nope. It would have been a TPK except that the chicken survived. The chicken was attacked multiple times, but every time my dice tried to hurt the chicken they rolled low. This is how The Invincible Chicken class was born.

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