Session Report 10/18/2016: The Debut Of The Invincible Chicken Class

Tonight another truck went missing in the wilds of Dinotastic park. Somehow the Halfling miraculously made it back to camp with a hologram in tow. Most of Free Trader’s Rest having never seen a hologram were intrigued by this woman. The halfling explained to Joe Fang that the truck had been attacked by some dinosaurs that were like a mix between a t-rex and a raptor. Joe told the halfling to get some people together and go get his damn truck back.

That truck seems to go missing a lot. So the Halfling started recruiting from around the area. He came across some low-level schmucks who were willing to go along. He found a cleric who was looking for new converts and thought he might find some inside the park. Also, a weird chicken started hanging around the group. (This is the debut of the Invincible Chicken class played by my good buddy Ed from the EdOWar blog.) The chicken even managed to steal a few shiny baubles from townspeople before the group took off

The walk from town to the Redclaw Base Camp was uneventful. The group left the camp and headed towards where the truck was supposed to be. On the first day, they ran into a group of the Robo-Faithful. The interaction was really uneventful. The Robo-Faithful offered to “convert” any humans who were interested. No one took them up on the offer. The Cleric tried to talk to them about their religion, but they were only interested in the cleric if he was interested in converting.

The second full day in the park the party was informed of a “pack of raptors” that had been spotted in the area. That evening while the group was asleep they did, in fact, see a raptor when it came strolling casually into camp. While the camp was getting awake and paying attention another raptor came in from the back! (phrasing?) And tore one of the dwarfs to pieces. The camp scrambled trying to kill the raptors. Shot after shot was mad! Finally, the Invincible Chicken steps up, pecks the raptor, and kills it DEAD! The other raptor was easily dispatched when the Halfling came up with a plan to throw the hologram’s disc up in a try and have the hologram act as a sniper from above.

The third night of camping brought forth a t-rex. Due to some lucky rolls, the players were able to avoid it and its 93 hit points. The next day the group came across the truck. One of the hirelings started heading for the truck and was eaten alive by the time he reached the truck. Then a total of 7 dinosaurs showed up. Like T-Rex’s but smaller. Shortly after the Invincible Chicken ran in and under the truck while one of the dinosaurs tried to eat him. The chicken made it under the truck and actually found where the keys to the truck had been dropped.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party came up with a plan to toss a giant Molotov cocktail in the middle of the dinosaurs. The hologram with her laser rifle would shoot the gas can when it got close enough to the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs being distracted by their meal (the hireling) didn’t notice as the gas can sail their way. The chicken quickly realizing what happened started getting out of their as quickly as he could. An artist’s representation of what happened is in the picture below. (Thanks to Nick Hammond for the picture).

That is where we stopped for the night due to running out of time. There were still 3 dinosaurs up and able to hurt people. They were also pissed after the PCs tried to bar-b-q them all at once.


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