A New Class For DCC: GoatO’War

This class is dedicated to my friend Ed who runs EdOWar’s Blog. He was the original livestock PC in the first Goodman Games World Tour game I ran. You can find the full story behind Goat’O’War here.


Contributers to the Goat’O’War class are: Ed Green, Adam Johnson, and Jaiden Bornt.

To play as a Goat’O’War you must have belonged to a farmer and had that farmer die in an adventure. The Goat’O’War uses the advancement table of a dwarf, pictured below.


Hit Points: A Goat’O’War gains a d10 hit points at each level.

Communication: A Goat’O’War can understand, but not speak Demonic (a.k.a. Infernal/Abyssal) as per Appendix L in the Dungeon Crawl Classics core rulebook.

Speed: A Goat’O’War can move up to 40 feet in one move action.

Weapon Training: A Goat’O’War is proficient with it’s horns as a weapon. In addition to it’s basic action die, the Goat’O’War receives a bite attack using a d14 action die. When the goat attacks with it’s horns it does a d8 damage. When the Goat’O’War attacks with it’s d14 die bite it does a d6 of damage. This is equivelent to a Dwarf’s shield bash. The Goat’O’War uses a deed die to hit and damage much the same as a dwarf. This deed die also applies to all to hit and damage rolls made by a Goat’O’War.

Armor: A Goat’O’War does not wear armor but instead increases it’s toughness at each level. At level 1 a Goat’O’War starts with 11 AC. This increases by 1.5 each level rounded up as the Goat learns to dodge and move better in a fight. Armor can be crafted for a Goat’O’War at an additional 50% cost of standard armor per the DCC core rule book. Armor for the Goat’O’War does not stack with it’s natural AC.

Alignment: A Goat’O’War is almost always chaotic. A few are neutral. A lawful Goat’O’War has never been seen before.

Greatest Of All Time (a.k.a. G.O.A.T.): A Goat’O’War is extremely adept at climbing. It gets a +10 to all climb checks involving uneven surfaces. The goat can even climb up sheer surfaces that would be next to impossible for most other creatures. Though climbing a rope is next to impossible for a Goat’O’War. They must rely on their fellow party members to help them out in such situations.

Dark Master’s Favorite: A Goat’O’War can set his horns on fire a number of rounds per day equal to his level. When the horns are lit they do an additional d4 of fire damage to the target of an attack.

Butt Head: A Goat’O’War can charge as a full round action and can move 120 feet, but does need a straight line with no allies or enemies in the way. The goat must be able to move at least 15 feet during the charge to get the hit and damage bonus. When charging a Goat’O’War gets a +1 to hit and damage up to level 5, where it then becomes a +2.

Eat Anything: A Goat’O’War is able to eat anything organic that it can reasonably pick up and swallow. (At Judge’s discretion.) A Goat’O’War is a curious browsing animal who, when hungry, will try to pick up and eat anything including metal and stone. On a successful strength check (Judge’s discretion) the goat can bend or crush the object.

Goats In Coats: A Goat’O’War is able to wear a ring on each horn. It can also wear necklaces.

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