Goat’O’War Origin Story

Back in July of 2016 I ran my first ever in-store game of Dungeon Crawl Classics. At the time this is what I wrote about it.

I ran my first Goodman Games World Tour game yesterday. I had 3 players and ran The Portal Under The Stars. I managed to kill 11 of their PCs, one of which was a goat. (The farmer died.) It was a lot of fun, and I already have a game scheduled for next month!

So to go into a little more background on it that first day I only had 3 players. It was Adam, Ed, and Mouse. I killed a lot of characters that day while playing Portal Under The Stars by The Dark Master himself Joseph Goodman. One of Ed’s characters had a goat with him. He asked if he could play the goat, and I said “sure, why not!”

Fast forward a bit and the goat had taken out some snakes and eaten some stuff it probably shouldn’t have. The goat was kicking ass! Sadly as can be seen in the photo below the goat did end up getting killed. But everyone at the table had so much fun with it that I promised Ed I would make a Goat PC class.


I followed through on that promise (though it took several months). You can see the results here with the Goat’O’War class. Oh, and the reason it is named Goat’O’War is because Ed has a blog he calls EdOWar. So not only was the class created because of him, it’s also named after him.

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