A New Class For DCC: The Barbearian

To play as a Barbearian: you must realize that bears are awesome. That’s the only prerequisite. It also helps to listen to Bears by Nekrogoblikon.

Credit to Jaiden Bornt for the name of this class, and Edward Green for asking me to make it.


Hit Points: A Barbearian gains 1d12 hit points at each level.

An adult Barbearian is a large size creature.

Speed: A Barbearian can move 20 feet per round.

Weapon Training: A Barbearian gets 2 claw attacks at 1d8 each. Additionally, when grappling a foe a Barbearian can make a bite attack at a +2 to hit with 1d4 damage. (see Bear Hug below) Upon a successful bite, a Barbearian can then rend for 1d5 damage. At level 5 this goes up to +4 to hit on the bite with 1d6 damage, rending for 1d10.

Armor: A Barbearian has thick skin. A Barbearian starts with AC 12. A Barbearian’s AC goes up .5 rounded up each level to a maximum AC of 17 at level 10. A Barbearian cannot wear armor as they are too big for it. A bear is able to wear a necklace, but otherwise can’t wear any other magic items.

Alignment: A Barbearian is almost always chaotic. There have been a few neutral. I did meet a lawful Barbearian once, but he seemed very confused.

Language: A Barbearian speaks bear, as per the language in appendix L of the DCC Core Rule Book.

Berzerker Rage A Barbearian can go into a rage a number of rounds per day equal to his level. When the Barbearian goes into this rage he gets a bonus to hit and damage per the chart below. This bonus to attack and damage stacks with any other bonuses the Barbearian might have.

Like Catching Fish Jumping Out Of A Stream:
A Barbearian can attempt a reflex save to knock an arrow or similar object out of the air that is flying at it. (Judge’s discretion on what objects this can apply to. The DC of this reflex save is equal to the to hit roll was for the arrow (or other objects) that were sent flying towards the Barbearian.

Bear Hug: A Barbearian is especially adept at grappling opponents. When a Barbearian attempts to grapple an opponent it gets a bonus to its strength check. The bonus works as follows:
Smaller sized creature than Barbearian: +4
Same sized creature as the Barbearian: +2
Larger sized creature than the Barbearian: no bonus

Does A Barbearian Shit In The Woods? The Barbearian is able to climb trees without requiring a climb check. Other wooden structures are included at Judge’s discretion. The Barbearian has a climb speed of 20 feet per level.

LevelRaging Bonus to attack and damageCrit Die/TableAction DiceRefFortWill

Music that inspired this post: Bears by Nekrogoblikon (of course), Black Betty by Leadbelly, Hatred Copter by Dethklok.

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