Session Report 10/29/2016: Goodman Games World Tour, My First Tournament

I ran my first RPG tournament. I ran Carnival of the Damned. I read through it all and just did the encounters in order until we ran out of time. These were the rules I posted ahead of time for everyone to see.


The prize for winning the tournament: $25 store credit to Comic Kingdom!

Registration starts at 1pm, the tournament starts at 1:30 and runs for four hours.

Rules Set: DCC RPG, an OGL system that cross-breeds Appendix N with a streamlined version of 3E.

Rules of the tournament.

1. First, come first to sit at the table. There will be 6 slots open at the table, possibly up to 8 depending on the number of people that show up. Everyone else forms a line in the order they arrived in.
2. Everyone gets 1 character to start with.
3. If your character makes it through an encounter, s/he gets a green check. If your character dies s/he gets a red X and you leave the table and go to the end of the line and picks up a new character sheet.
4. Once you leave the table the next person in line sits down.
5. We run the tournament for four hours or until the book runs out. (hint it will probably be 4 hours)
6. Whoever has the most check marks at the end (player not character) wins the tournament and the $25 prize.
7. There will be 2 judges, Randy Andrews as the main judge and Edward Green as the backup judge. Their rulings are final.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. The rules are subject to change for clarification.

I had such a blast with running it, I honestly have a hard time remembering all the details and good stuff that happened. Ed helped me Co-Judge, he basically did all the other things besides actually run the game. He got people new character sheets when they died. He reminded me of things I was overlooking. He kept track of which players showed up first, who was the last to die, etc.

He also wrote down a few choice quotes from the game.

“Holy balls!” – Jaiden Bornt upon mixing holy water with clay and shaping them into balls.

“The tongs are gone.” – Jon Hable

“The blind chicken killed the man-pig.” – Randy, Judge extraordinaire

“Is that with the chicken shield?” – Jaiden Bornt, bravely using a blind chicken as a shield.

I had 7 players total. 4 of them had never played DCC before! 3 of them were regulars.

Ed managed to snap a few pictures while we were playing.

In the end, we had 2 people who survived 12 encounters each. Everyone at the table did die at least a couple of times. Since we only had 7 people I kept 6 players in the game at all times. There was never any point at which we had a TPK.

Our 2 winners had a roll off and Adrian (on the left) was the winner of the roll off. All in all, everyone had a great time, even Ed who was co-Judging said he loved it. I can’t thank Ed enough because without his help I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on the story and getting the players through as many encounters as possible.


I think my favorite part about it all was several times my players had my laughing so hard with their antics that I had to stop for a moment and compose myself.

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