A New Class For DCC: The Ratsassin

A Ratsassin is a sneaky animal who aims to poison those it attacks. It is a master of getting into and out of tight spaces. It is always available for hire to kill even the strongest enemies with a single bite.


Hit Points: A Ratsassin gains 1d6 hit points at each level.

Speed: A Ratsassin can move 20 feet per round.

Language: A ratsassin can speak it’s alignment language as well as Undercommon.

Alignment: A Ratsassin can be of any alignment.

Weapon Training: A Ratsassin has a bite attack. This bite attack does a d4 damage. This attack can cause an infection of The Black Death due to the fleas living on the Ratsassin. See percentage on the Ratsassin Chart. Upon hitting the number on the chart or below the bitten creature becomes infected. (See The Black Death and table below.) A ratsassin cannot wear armor, as it is too small. The Ratsassin’s AC increases at each level per the chart below.

The Black Death: The Black Death spreads quickly initially causing 1d4 stamina damage. If the creature lives long enough to see the next day it will notice it’s skin taking on a strange darkened pallor. Symptoms include fever, headaches, nausea, fatigue, and swelling of the lymph nodes on the neck, underarms, and inner thigh areas, and eventually bleeding beneath the skin. On waking the next day another 1d4 stamina damage will occur. This will continue until the creature reaches 0 stamina and dies.

Infravision: A ratsassin can see in the dark up to 60 feet.

Small Size: Ratsassins are a little larger than your average rat, however, they can still fit in small spaces easily. This small size allows them to crawl into narrow passages, and through tiny holes to get to their victims.

Pack Rat: A Ratsassin is able to carry a surprisingly large amount of gear for its size. Judge’s discretion on encumbrance.

Rodent Reverie: A number of times per day equal to the Ratsassin’s luck modifier (minimum 1) a Ratsassin can cast Sleep as per the spell from the Core Rule Book. The Ratsassin casts this spell like he got a 12 on his roll.

Garbage Gobbler: A Ratsassin is especially adept at living off the dreck of others. Food that would normally make others sick a Ratsassin can eat with no problems. A Ratsassin can truly thrive in an urban environment.

aMAZEing Scent: A Ratsassin has an extraordinary sense of smell. While using its sense of smell a Ratsassin can make a Tracking roll by rolling a d20 against the following DCs, adding in the bonus from the chart.
Person or creature was nearby within the last hour: DC 5
Person or creature was nearby within the last 4 hours: DC 10
Person or creature was nearby within the last 12 hours: DC 15
Person or creature was nearby within the last 24 hours: DC 20
Person or creature was nearby within the last 48 hours: DC 30

Natural Born Thief: A Ratsassin has some of the same abilities as the Thief class in DCC. Consult table 1-9 in the DCC RPG Core book for bonuses. The Ratsassin has the following abilities:
Backstab, Sneak silently*, Hide in shadows*, Climb sheer surfaces,

**Because of Ratsassin’s small size he gets an additional +1 vs what’s on the thieve’s table.

LevelAttackCrit Die/TableAction DiceAC of RatsassinChance of PlagueRefFortWill

Contributions from Jaiden Bornt, Ed Green, and Devin Smelser.

This post inspired by the music of Sleigh Bells.

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