A New Class For DCC: The Sorcerhare

Sorcerhare’s control magic! Well they try to anyway. The Sorcerhare gains its magic through an innate hereditary line. The magic is always threatening to consume the Sorcerhare. As such the Sorcerhare does take corruption just like a normal Wizard in DCC.


Hit Points: A Sorcerhare gains 1d4 hit points at each level.

Weapon Training: A Sorcerhare has a bite attack at 1d3 or a hopkick attack at 1d5. To hit roll on both attacks modified by strength. A Sorcerhare is too small to wear armor, though the armor would only hinder spell casting anyway. A Sorcerhare can wear 1 magic ring as an arm band.

Alignment: A Sorcerhare can be of any alignment. Those who are chaotic tend to study black magic.

Language: A Sorcerhare can speak Gnome and it’s alignment language.

Speed: A Sorcerhare normally moves at a speed of 40 feet per round. The Sorcerhare is also able to serpentine while it moves, and when doing so gains a +2 bonus to his AC.

Caster level: Caster level is a measurement of a Sorcerhare’s spell casting ability. A Sorcerhare’s caster level is usually the same as his class level.

Magic: Magic is strange, dangerous, and inhuman. (Or inHarean in this case.) Even the best Sorcerhare’s can fail at the spell they are trying to cast. At first level a Sorcerhare determines four spells that it knows. As he goes forth in the world and learns new things the Sorcerhare can progress to knowing and understanding spells that are more complex and of a higher level. A sorcerhare knows a number of spells as shown on table 1-12 (core rulebook), modified by its intelligence score.

Known spells are determined randomly. (See Chapter 5: Magic in the core rulebook). They may be of any level for which the Sorcerhare is eligible. The Sorcerhare chooses the level before making its die roll.

A Sorcerhare cast spells by making a spell check. A spell check is usually 1d20 + Intelligence modifier + caster level. In some cases a Sorcerhare may roll a different die on the spell check. (see Mercurial Magic).

Supernatural Patrons: A Sorcerhare may take a Supernatural Patron the same as any other class in the game, however, this patron typically does not have any effect on the Socerhare’s magic since the Sorcerhare’s magic is inherently in it’s bloodline.

Familiars: A Sorcerhare can take a familiar if it wants to, presuming it has the find familiar spell. For more information see familiars in the core rulebook.

Luck: A Sorcerhare’s Luck modifier applies to all rolls for corruption and Mercurial Magic (see core rulebook for additional details on both.)

Action Dice: A Sorcerhare’s first action die can be used for attacks or spell checks, but his second action die can only be used for spell checks. At 5th level, a Sorcerhare can cast two spells in a single round, the first with a d20 spell check and the second with a d14. Note that the results of mercurial magic may modify the action dice based on the dice chain.

Hareowing: Sorcerhare’s are very quick to burrow underground should the need arise. As a standard action they can dig into the ground (usually dirt or snow) and cover themselves. Burrowing is a full round action. After burrowing the Sorcerhare can then move at an underground speed of 5 feet per movement action. Meaning they can move 10 feet on a double move action.

Lucky Rabbit’s Foot: A Sorcerhare has the ability to re-roll a d20 once per gaming session. A Sorcerhare can use this ability a number of times per gaming session equal to its luck modifier (minimum 1). The player re-roll’s the d20 and must accept the new result be it better or worse than the original. It is at the Judge’s discretion what “gaming session” means.

LevelAttackCrit Die/TableAction DieKnown SpellsMax Spell LevelRefFortWill

Contributions by Jaiden Bornt

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