Small Update

Things have been mostly quiet around here because of the holiday season. Lots of things to do and get done. I am still working on the final class in my Barnyard Crawl Classics. Once that’s done I will start putting together the little booklet I want to sell.

Also I recently did a review for a new DCC product called Hubris over on Drive Thru RPG. I happen to follow the writers blog and he posted a nice little bit about my review that you can see below.


Additionally if things go as planned I will be playing in an OD&D game very soon! It will be run by my good friend Ed from the Ed O War blog. I’m looking forward to that.

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  1. Ed Green says:

    Hey Randy,

    I picked up Hubris last night. So far I’ve only gotten through the new classes. I like the Murder Machine and Mutant classes, but I was a bit disappointed in the others. Especially the Alchemist, which hews fairly close to the Pathfinder Alchemist. But I really picked it up for the setting and the random charts, so I’m hoping that is where the product will shine.


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