Going Forward With Reno Dungeon Crawler’s Guild

When I started this blog it was to showcase what was going on in my world of roleplaying games. It has since evolved into me contributing things to roleplaying games that anyone in the world is welcome to use. The other half of this picture is the local Facebook group I’ve put together called Reno Dungeon Crawler’s Guild.

It was originally started just to help promote my local games here in town. Those games were exclusively Dungeon Crawl Classics. Since starting this blog and the group I’ve branched out into looking into other OSR games. Coming up in January I am going to be running a Metamorphosis Alpha game. I have a goal of getting my 15 Goodman Games World Tour games done in 2017 so I can get that coveted belt buckle. Once that is done I dream of seeing RDCG having multiple games running on the same day. Maybe OD&D alongside DCC. Or Gamma World and Lnakhmar.

The other thing I’ve been toying with is the idea of a Reno OSR convention. It would just be a mini-convention to start with. Maybe just 3-4 tables running. 1-morning slot with 3-4 tables and one evening slot with 3-4 tables. I’ve got the GMs lined up. I’d just need some players, a place to play, oh and a name! hah. I’ll keep the blog updated with how that goes.

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